A pencil with an eraser is inherently forgiving

The Power of Pencil
Leave Your Mark in 2024

The pencil is a timeless tool, but its allure frankly feels a little dull these days. Handcraft is on the decline. Still, the right pencil in the right hand remains a potent force—and a palpable joy.

With a few strokes, you can create new worlds. Blur sharp edges. Even erase and start over.

A pencil, especially one with an eraser, is inherently forgiving—something we all need amid life’s messiness and change.

It also requires regular sharpening, the dull edges shaved off, so we can hone our ideas and execute expertly.

A pencil also requires the right grasp, enough firmness to guide the trajectory—but not so much pressure that it leaves harsh indentions.

Mailer Mockup

In 2024, we encourage you to lose yourself in expression & creation:

  • Sketch freely, without self-judgment
  • Jot down thoughts, emotions and inspirations
  • Map out solutions to the challenges in the world around you
  • Hone new business or project ideas
  • Mark up a wall for a home improvement project
  • Color—childlike—to your heart’s content
Happy New Year!

In 2024, may your ideas be plentiful, your pages full & your eraser forgiving!

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